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Speed and Choice

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Decisions aren’t always about hurry, rush, and fast action. Many people believe and feel that time is beating them. They have the knowledge, the skill, and the ability to do more, be more, and get more but time prevents progress. Fast choices and quick decisions are often claimed to be made by experience or gut feel.


Have you been to see your doctor, had your car in for repair, or considered purchasing something special for yourself? Decisions and choices made quickly and based on experience can sometimes be the worst choices of all. A wrong diagnoses, back in the repair shop again, and buyer’s remorse. Even experts can easily be mistaken by self-deception and false perceptions.

Back to the issue of time, often the best choices are made with careful analysis, time for the data and our experience to settle in, take shape, and balance emotion with reality.

Ask the Vegas bride, the boss who fired the best employee, and the person selling their current model year car, sometimes the best decisions aren’t fast.


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Accelerate Reality

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It is part of a commercial that many would recognize, it is part of the discussion before the big sports game, and it is something that successful people consciously or unconsciously need in order to perform at their best. It’s getting in the zone! Whether you are getting in the zone at AutoZone, concentrating on your personal performance (work or play), or accelerating your results in any capacity, you have to get in the zone.

You are in the zone when you are so deeply connected with your thoughts, actions, and perhaps physical abilities that you are unstoppable, unflappable, and overwhelmingly confident. I often suggest to people that you cannot fake mind-set; in fact mind-set has a lot to do with my writing in the 2014 book release, Pivot and Accelerate. You cannot simply tell yourself you are going to get on the fast track to your personal or business best; you have to truly believe it.

One sure fire way to accelerate your results it to let go of self-limiting beliefs, those beliefs that make you say or think, “ok, but,” or “only if,” or worse yet, “possibly, but.”  These are self-limiting beliefs. Sure, you have to reach for your goals in steps and you can’t just wish or think them into existence, you must have appropriate action.

Something else I’m certain of; if you don’t believe in your mind, heart, and soul that it can happen, nobody else is going to believe it either. Worse yet, you will never reach the goal that you claim you desire.

If you believe it, then I believe it, and then everybody believes it.

Better yet, you’ll achieve it—believe it.


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You Can’t Fake It

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When you want to have a great day you try to convince yourself to think positive.


When you strive to get the sale, close a deal, acquire a new customer, or start a new business relationship you approach it by being positive.

When you see a doctor, a dentist, or prepare your annual income tax return you seek positive results.

There is at least one problem with thinking positive: you can’t fake mind-set.

When people tell me they are going to be positive, think positive, or stay positive they most likely have already introduced their negativity. They include in many of their sentences words like: can’t, won’t, and never. Positivity is a state of mind, it is a mind-set, and it is not something you do like walking the dog, loading the dishwasher, or shopping for groceries.  

When business enterprises tell me they need help with leadership development, strategy, developing employee teams, and improving communication they should recognize that while their diagnoses sounds like it is task driven, it is often mind-set or culture that produces a the end result.

You can act more positive, think more positive, and even create a more positive environment, but when you can’t seem to get there, someone might suggest you just fake it, but you’ll never fake mind-set.


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Accelerate Now!

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Talking about it is easy. Doing it requires action. Fear, concern, and even confidence may lead to procrastination or hesitation, neither of which is consistent with people or businesses that are on the move. You can’t just talk about it; you have to do it.


Acceleration is not for the weak. It takes courage and mind-set to grab on to your direction and take action. Many people I speak with, individuals or business leaders suggest that they are “doing okay” and that they have a plan moving forward. A plan is great, but it takes action, accelerated action.

Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Is the momentum moving in the right direction?
  2. Can I afford to let someone else get there first?
  3. Has the opportunity peaked?

If the answer to any one (or more) of these questions is, no, then you cannot afford to wait. The difference for most people who are persistent in their pursuit and become successful is knowing when and how to accelerate to maximize their opportunities. Acceleration may sometimes feel scary, but your opportunity needs to be significant enough to draw you in, get you hooked, and pull you forward. If it isn’t a little scary you probably haven’t dug deep enough, reached far enough, or dreamed big enough.


Photo Credit: Peter Gronemann

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Hurry Up!

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Often we are amazed by how fast time seems slip away. It is my belief, and perhaps the belief of many others that we are living in a very interesting time and the rate of human and intellectual development is accelerating at pace seemingly beyond our ability to keep up.


Creating success in a fast paced world may require us now, more than ever before, to be on the front side of the bell curve. You know the bell curve, there is the beginning of a life-cycle, whether it is for an event, a product, style, or even generally accepted beliefs. As the life-cycle continues from inception to its peak we are on the front side of the bell curve, once the peak is reached the curve begins a downward trend ultimately reaching the end of its life cycle. What is important is that the curve never stops, it is always moving across a period of time. This makes time the most important resource for our ability to succeed.

My point is simple. People who are determined to create a bigger, better, and brighter future, they need to hurry. They must have the courage to both pivot and accelerate. The curve will shift over time, and the longer they wait, the harder it becomes to achieve their success.

This may come across as harsh, and to some it may seem unnecessary, but if you want the benefit of the curve—hurry up!


Photo Credit: Ray Bouknight

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Strange Stuff

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People do some strange stuff, right? Recently someone suggested to me that many people engage on social media channels simply looking for a fight. Yesterday, I caught a glimpse of a news program discussing a recent study that proclaims the residual effects or emotional experiences drawn from “spite” are healthy.


In some cases society has decided to reward drama, celebrate criticism, and glorify arguments. We see this in reality television, singing and performance shows who make mockeries out of contestants, and news stations that attack and belittle people for the sake of better ratings.

To me the question becomes not about why this is happening, we already know that answer, but why do we like it? Or don’t we? If you don’t like drama, then divorce yourself from all the stimuli that creates it. If you don’t believe in criticism, then stop criticizing. If you don’t want to argue, stop looking for a fight.

Keep in mind that what you focus on, you’ll get more of, most people would label this as your results.

People do strange stuff—don’t they? 


(Deep Fried Oreo Cookie) Photo Credit: Razan Orendovici 

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Same Old, Same Old

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Routines become part of life, if you allow it. A routine of getting prepared, being organized, exercise and healthy eating may all be considered good. Routines in support of the status quo, limited learning opportunities, and only accepting what comes easily in life may not be so good.


Many people pursue life as one big habit. They move through daily, weekly, monthly, seasonal, and annual routines. They look ahead to holidays, vacation time, and the start of a new year. Suddenly, they find themselves asking—where did the time go?

You see the same old routine doesn’t really get you anywhere, unless of course, some misfortune or luck affects your future outcomes. Oddly enough, this seems to be representative of many of the same people who claim they are victims. Victims of no luck, no opportunities, and a mundane life that has them experiencing a mid-life crisis for twenty or thirty years. Suddenly (or maybe not)  it is too late and they find themselves xperiencing end of life resentment for unfulfilled expectations. People and circumstances are blamed but they seldom accept responsibility for their own outcomes. 

This is exactly why the ability to Pivot and Accelerate has never been more important.

Your time is now.

We may not know what the fox says, but we know what the victim says: “same old, same old.”


Photo Credit: Domenico Salvagnin

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