Working with Difficult Personalities

Appreciative strategies

Working with Difficult Personalities

(3.0 hour)

In the workplace we are challenged with many different personalities. Heavy workloads, fact paced environments, or even a very bureaucratic culture sometimes make survival feel difficult. This workshop examines several personality challenges and utilizes a video segment titled “working with you is killing me” to help participants identify some common challenges and examine ways better manage their personal interactions with others.

Appropriate for all organization levels this fast-paced interactive workshop will make a difference by allowing each individual to discover or refresh on effective methods for working better together.

Course outline:

  • Introduction
    • Workshop learning points
    • Leading thoughts
  • Negative workplace relationships
    • Examining the impact
    • Who is affected
  • Video segment
    • Working with you is killing me (25 minutes)
    • Video debrief
    • Recognizing our roles
    • Boundary busters and toxic relationships
  • Difficult Personalities
    • Exploring six difficult personalities
    • Embracing differences
    • Seven tips for improved teamwork
    • Personalities mini-workshop
  • Closing Discussion



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