Professional Productivity

professional productivity

Appreciative strategies

Professional Productivity

6.0 Hours

People in workplaces everywhere are struggling to gain efficiencies. Often they are unsure how to best manage their time, multiple priorities, and deadlines. In this seminar, you will learn how to turn chaos into a manageable work day, discover the most important priorities, and explore best practices that keep you on track and committed to performance results.

If you or your team struggle with managing time, have multiple bosses or team commitments, or have intense deadline challenges this workshop is for you. Appropriate for all levels of the organization it includes theory, experiential learning, and self-assessment activities designed to help participants make the best use of a very precious resource – time.

 Course outline:

  • Introduction
    • What is Time and Priorities Management
  • Procrastination
    • Stop Procrastinating, Prioritization, Fear
    • Avoiding Perfectionism
  • Identifying Time Wasters
    • Utilizing an Activity Log, Scheduling
    • Planning for the Unplanned
    • Structuring Your Day
  • Managing Priorities Mini-Assessment
    • Brainstorming “My Workload”
    • Partnered Discussion, Group Results
  • Analyzing Ten (10) Workload Trouble Spots
    • Managing Priorities Among Chaos Mini-Workshop
    • What is Critical – Prioritizing
    • Seven (7) Questions to Ask When Prioritizing
    • Prioritizing “My Workload”
  • Managing Multiple Projects
    • Five (5) Project Management Fundamentals
    • Assessing Needs, Planning and Implementation
    • Multiple Projects – Gantt Chart
    • Project Evaluation
  • Goal Setting
    • Using S.M.A.R.T. Goals
    • Setting Personal Goals (short and long-term)
  • Closing Discussion

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