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Hurry Up!

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Often we are amazed by how fast time seems slip away. It is my belief, and perhaps the belief of many others that we are living in a very interesting time and the rate of human and intellectual development is accelerating at pace seemingly beyond our ability to keep up.


Creating success in a fast paced world may require us now, more than ever before, to be on the front side of the bell curve. You know the bell curve, there is the beginning of a life-cycle, whether it is for an event, a product, style, or even generally accepted beliefs. As the life-cycle continues from inception to its peak we are on the front side of the bell curve, once the peak is reached the curve begins a downward trend ultimately reaching the end of its life cycle. What is important is that the curve never stops, it is always moving across a period of time. This makes time the most important resource for our ability to succeed.

My point is simple. People who are determined to create a bigger, better, and brighter future, they need to hurry. They must have the courage to both pivot and accelerate. The curve will shift over time, and the longer they wait, the harder it becomes to achieve their success.

This may come across as harsh, and to some it may seem unnecessary, but if you want the benefit of the curve—hurry up!


Photo Credit: Ray Bouknight

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