Leadership : Peer to Manager

leadership peer to manager

Appreciative strategies

Transitioning from Peer to Manager

6.0 Hours (Delivery in one day, or two half-day segments)

Often the most challenging time for improving supervisory skills is when making the transition from peer to manager. This workshop examines leadership qualities and establishes a foundation for today’s leader. Participants will discover key factors for improving and utilizing effective communication and dig deeper into listening skills. A motivated team is critical and often the best teams are built through effective feedback, accountability, and an environment of trust.

Appropriate for the newest transitioning employees and for those who have made the transition some time ago but wish to enhance or refresh these essential skills. (Supervisors, Managers, Directors, et al)

  • Introduction
    • Exploring Leadership Qualities, Myths and Facts
    • Leadership and Mission
    • What is Leadership
  • Improving Communication
    • Leading Thoughts on Communication
    • Six Factors that Influence Communication
  • Being A Better Listener
    • What is Listening
    • Listening Awareness and Styles
  • Listening Barriers
    • Exploring Barriers, Mini-Assessment
    • Examining Improvement Methods
  • Motivation and Purpose
    • Understanding Purpose
    • Sources of Motivation
  • Building Trust in Teams
    • Three C’s of Trust
    • Warning Signs of Low Trust
    • Trust and Productivity, Restoring Trust
  • Utilizing Feedback and Accountability
    • Feedback Mini-Workshop
    • Communication and Feedback, Constructive Feedback
    • Setting Objectives
    • Conversations vs. Confrontations
  • Summary and Closing Discussion



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