Effective Listening

Appreciative strategies

3.0 Hour Seminar

Listening skills have been described as the missing link in effective communication. Being a great listener doesn’t always come naturally and listening barriers place an added strain on an already complex process. This interactive workshop begins by defining and exploring our awareness to the listening process. Participants will then engage in lecture and activities that are designed to heighten our awareness, explore barriers, examine methods to improve and discover other typically unapparent listening trouble spots. Appropriate for all organization levels this workshop includes self-improvement and goal setting activities designed to further stimulate new listening skills.

  • Introduction
    • Session Goals
    • What is Listening
    • Listening Awareness and Styles
  • Listening Barriers
    • Exploring Barriers
    • Mini-Assessment
    • Examining Improvement Methods
  • Is Anyone Listening
    • Nonverbal Listening
    • Listening Attitude
    • Speak Using Facts
  • Next Steps for Listening
    • Accomplishing More
    • Setting Goals
  • Summary and Closing Discussion


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