Same Old, Same Old

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Same Old, Same Old

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Routines become part of life, if you allow it. A routine of getting prepared, being organized, exercise and healthy eating may all be considered good. Routines in support of the status quo, limited learning opportunities, and only accepting what comes easily in life may not be so good.


Many people pursue life as one big habit. They move through daily, weekly, monthly, seasonal, and annual routines. They look ahead to holidays, vacation time, and the start of a new year. Suddenly, they find themselves asking—where did the time go?

You see the same old routine doesn’t really get you anywhere, unless of course, some misfortune or luck affects your future outcomes. Oddly enough, this seems to be representative of many of the same people who claim they are victims. Victims of no luck, no opportunities, and a mundane life that has them experiencing a mid-life crisis for twenty or thirty years. Suddenly (or maybe not)  it is too late and they find themselves xperiencing end of life resentment for unfulfilled expectations. People and circumstances are blamed but they seldom accept responsibility for their own outcomes. 

This is exactly why the ability to Pivot and Accelerate has never been more important.

Your time is now.

We may not know what the fox says, but we know what the victim says: “same old, same old.”


Photo Credit: Domenico Salvagnin

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