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People do some strange stuff, right? Recently someone suggested to me that many people engage on social media channels simply looking for a fight. Yesterday, I caught a glimpse of a news program discussing a recent study that proclaims the residual effects or emotional experiences drawn from “spite” are healthy.


In some cases society has decided to reward drama, celebrate criticism, and glorify arguments. We see this in reality television, singing and performance shows who make mockeries out of contestants, and news stations that attack and belittle people for the sake of better ratings.

To me the question becomes not about why this is happening, we already know that answer, but why do we like it? Or don’t we? If you don’t like drama, then divorce yourself from all the stimuli that creates it. If you don’t believe in criticism, then stop criticizing. If you don’t want to argue, stop looking for a fight.

Keep in mind that what you focus on, you’ll get more of, most people would label this as your results.

People do strange stuff—don’t they? 


(Deep Fried Oreo Cookie) Photo Credit: Razan Orendovici 

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