Speed and Choice

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Speed and Choice

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Decisions aren’t always about hurry, rush, and fast action. Many people believe and feel that time is beating them. They have the knowledge, the skill, and the ability to do more, be more, and get more but time prevents progress. Fast choices and quick decisions are often claimed to be made by experience or gut feel.


Have you been to see your doctor, had your car in for repair, or considered purchasing something special for yourself? Decisions and choices made quickly and based on experience can sometimes be the worst choices of all. A wrong diagnoses, back in the repair shop again, and buyer’s remorse. Even experts can easily be mistaken by self-deception and false perceptions.

Back to the issue of time, often the best choices are made with careful analysis, time for the data and our experience to settle in, take shape, and balance emotion with reality.

Ask the Vegas bride, the boss who fired the best employee, and the person selling their current model year car, sometimes the best decisions aren’t fast.


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