Aspiring Leader – MBM

Aspiring Leader MBM

Appreciative strategies

Aspiring Leader – MBM

Moving Beyond Management

3.0 Hour Seminar

This seminar is designed to help participants develop a deeper understanding of what it means to lead in a modern workplace environment. Today’s leader must have good supervisory and managerial skills. In addition, they must understand and value the art of leadership.

The seminar begins with an exploration of leadership qualities, myths and facts, and the leadership connection to culture and mission. Participants will also explore tough (advanced) leadership topics such as the challenge of perception and self-deception, and the value of appropriate risk in their leadership role.

This program is best for participants who are experienced supervisors and managers that seek additional intellectual challenge and wish to advance their leadership skills. 

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the importance and value of high-performance leadership.
  • Recognize false perceptions and self-deception in leadership roles.
  • Discover the value of constructively challenging the process through appropriate risk.

Course Outline:

  • Leadership Primer
    • Exploring leadership qualities
    • Leadership myths and facts
    • Leadership and mission
    • What is leadership
  • Exploring Perception and Self-Deception
    • Mini-Assessment
    • Small Group Activity
    • Managing Perception and Self-Deception
  • Values of Risk
    • Mini-Assessment
    • Small Group Activity
    • Risk and Challenging the Process
  • Closing Discussion – Q&A


Note: This program is often offered as module 1 of a series of three, five, or eight modules. 

To discuss or schedule this seminar please call +1 (646) 546-5553

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