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Developing the Power and Will to Delegate

3.0 Hours

Successful delegation depends on many factors some of which include the supervisor’s willingness to let go of tasks while also utilizing the team to become more effective at creating vision and strategy. Delegation is not only about letting go, but also about forward thinking. Often cited as one of the most common supervisory deficiencies, effective delegation can be the difference between success and failure in leadership roles.

Appropriate for anyone in a supervisory role, from emerging leaders to executives this workshop will utilize theory, video, and experiential learning activities that will stimulate new performance patterns and help to establish successful delegation habits.

Course outline:

  • Introduction
    • Leadership Style and Capacity
    • Confronting Fears
  • Barriers to Effective Delegation
    • Defining Barriers – Activity
    • Empowerment and Succession Considerations
    • Roadblock: Anxiety
  • Video Segment
  • Six Steps to Effective Delegation
    • Tasks, Expectations, and the Big Picture
    • Timelines, Metrics, Rewards
    • Activity
  • Vision and Delegation
  • Closing Discussion


To discuss or schedule this seminar please call +1 (646) 546-5553

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