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Accelerate Reality

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It is part of a commercial that many would recognize, it is part of the discussion before the big sports game, and it is something that successful people consciously or unconsciously need in order to perform at their best. It’s getting in the zone! Whether you are getting in the zone at AutoZone, concentrating on your personal performance (work or play), or accelerating your results in any capacity, you have to get in the zone.

You are in the zone when you are so deeply connected with your thoughts, actions, and perhaps physical abilities that you are unstoppable, unflappable, and overwhelmingly confident. I often suggest to people that you cannot fake mind-set; in fact mind-set has a lot to do with my writing in the 2014 book release, Pivot and Accelerate. You cannot simply tell yourself you are going to get on the fast track to your personal or business best; you have to truly believe it.

One sure fire way to accelerate your results it to let go of self-limiting beliefs, those beliefs that make you say or think, “ok, but,” or “only if,” or worse yet, “possibly, but.”  These are self-limiting beliefs. Sure, you have to reach for your goals in steps and you can’t just wish or think them into existence, you must have appropriate action.

Something else I’m certain of; if you don’t believe in your mind, heart, and soul that it can happen, nobody else is going to believe it either. Worse yet, you will never reach the goal that you claim you desire.

If you believe it, then I believe it, and then everybody believes it.

Better yet, you’ll achieve it—believe it.


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