You Can’t Fake It

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You Can’t Fake It

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When you want to have a great day you try to convince yourself to think positive.


When you strive to get the sale, close a deal, acquire a new customer, or start a new business relationship you approach it by being positive.

When you see a doctor, a dentist, or prepare your annual income tax return you seek positive results.

There is at least one problem with thinking positive: you can’t fake mind-set.

When people tell me they are going to be positive, think positive, or stay positive they most likely have already introduced their negativity. They include in many of their sentences words like: can’t, won’t, and never. Positivity is a state of mind, it is a mind-set, and it is not something you do like walking the dog, loading the dishwasher, or shopping for groceries.  

When business enterprises tell me they need help with leadership development, strategy, developing employee teams, and improving communication they should recognize that while their diagnoses sounds like it is task driven, it is often mind-set or culture that produces a the end result.

You can act more positive, think more positive, and even create a more positive environment, but when you can’t seem to get there, someone might suggest you just fake it, but you’ll never fake mind-set.


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