Helping Others Succeed : Feedback and Accountability Strategies

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Appreciative Strategies

Helping Others Succeed: Feedback and Accountability Strategies

3.0 Hour Seminar

Effective leaders create an environment of helping others succeed. This dynamic workshop examines the importance of creating an environment that encourages feedback and inspires others to be accountable for their performance. Through theory and experiential learning activities, participants will explore power in workplace roles, examine the importance and utilization of effective feedback, learn how to effectively utilize questioning techniques, and discover the use of SMART goals to stimulate high performance.

  • Introduction
    • Session Goals
    • Defining Feedback and Accountability
    • Leadership Roles in Feedback and Accountability
  • Inspiring and Influencing Others
    • Eight Sources of Power
    • Power in Workplace Roles
    • Influencing through Positive Power
  • Utilizing Feedback
    • Feedback Mini-Workshop
    • Communication and Feedback
    • Utilizing Constructive Feedback
    • Setting Objectives
    • Conversations vs. Confrontations
  • Questioning Techniques to Enhance Performance
    • Questioning Techniques
    • Socratic Questioning
  • Expectations and Goals
    • Grow Talent vs. Fix Weaknesses
    • Utilizing SMART Goals
    • Creating Future Goals
  • Session Summary and Closing Discussion


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