Working with Communication Styles

communication styles

Appreciative strategies

3.0 Hours Seminar

Understanding communication styles in the workplace often makes the difference between miscommunication and effective communication. Communication styles typically fall into varying degrees of four primary categories. Understanding how individual styles blend across categories and knowing what to look for in others can enhance workplace communication and improve teamwork. During the workshop participants will discover more about their personal communication style, learn how to identify others communication styles, and explore ways to engage others in conversation based on five common workplace behavioral traits. This fast paced and highly interactive workshop is appropriate for all organizational levels.

  • Introduction
    • Session Goals
    • Personality and Communication Style
  • Communication Style Assessment
    • Why is Communication Style Important
    • Completing the Assessment
    • Understanding Individual Results
    • Interacting with Different Styles Activity
  • Workplace Behavioral Traits
    • Explore 5 Common Communication Traits
    • Getting Others to Communicate
  • Practical Applications in the Workplace
    • Applying Skills in the Workplace
    • Action Planning Activity
  • Session Summary and Closing Discussion
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