Dennis Gilbert

Dennis E. Gilbert

M.S., B.S., A.A.S., and CSP


A few comments from conference participants following a motivational keynote…


“I had chills during your presentation, and I still have them now. Everything you said was so real, so true. Thank you!”

“I hope everyone here really listened to your message, it was all very valuable and so well presented. {playful smile emerges} I love you man!”


Repeat business…(Keynote)


“Dennis delivered an uplifting and empowering message at the annual meeting of one of my client associations. Next Spring, he will be the keynote speaker at another client’s conference. I have and will continue to recommend Dennis’ talents, skills and insightful messages to other organizations.”  

Gil Longwell, Managing Director, Meeting With Success!, LLC


Can “reach” any audience…(Keynote)


“The presentation Dennis provided to a 55+ (age) audience was well received and I was amazed by the amount of questions for Dennis. It clearly demonstrated his versatility to present to various groups with different backgrounds.”  

Gerry Chickeletti, Project Director, Mature Workers Program 


Comments from Leadership Training participants…


“I have attended many different workshops, speaking engagements, and conferences and I was delightfully surprised with this leadership seminar.  Dennis did a fantastic job of keeping things interesting, a little bit funny, and most importantly nailing it on the information participants needed to be more successful in their leadership role.”  ~ Theresa M.

“I’ve had the privilege to attend more than one of Dennis’ seminars.  While I’ve found everything to be extremely valuable I believe the biggest gains have come from his authentic style and anecdotal real world business and life experiences. Lots of people can stand up and give a presentation; but very few can bring it all together for a motivational call to action that connects content to real world experiences, his seminars do both.”   ~ Matthew H.


A few comments from participants following a 90/90 seminar…


“The 90/90 presentation that Dennis delivered was insightful and thought-provoking.  Anyone looking for a career boost should definitely consider 90/90.”  ~ Bret D.

“As a meeting and event planner, I see a number of presentations and seminars. The 90/90 Event truly motivated me to make positive changes professionally and inspired me to grow personally. Dennis Gilbert is a dynamic and engaging speaker who can provide attendees with a different perspective leading them to achieve self-satisfaction and success.” ~ Megan R.
“The 90/90 workshop is just what I needed in my life to get inspired. I am applying what I learned from Dennis at work with my co-workers and I feel much more confident in making decisions everyday both at work and in my personal life. Everyone needs to attend one of these workshops for inspiration. Dennis does a great job with his presentation and I walked away with more than I expected. Thanks Dennis!”  
~ Michelle C.

Additional comments…


Thought Dennis was great!” – Anonymous

“Great information and enthusiastic presenter!” – Anonymous

“Hearing this presentation was well worth my time!” – Anonymous

“Absolutely great speaker!” – Anonymous

“Very important topic, Dennis is a great communicator!” – Anonymous

“Very nice – I was impressed!” – Anonymous

“Excellent presentation utilizing real world examples – great job!”  Anonymous


100’s and 100’s of “Great job!“, “Nice work!“, and “Great speaker!



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