Defusing Volatile Situations

defusing volatile situations

Appreciative strategies

Defusing Volatile Situations (DVS)

3.0 Hours

Emotionally charged situations sometimes erupt in the workplace seemingly without cause. Often there are many reasons for these emotional eruptions and sometimes we contribute to the situation. This workshop explores ways to take control, maintain mutual respect, and discover solutions for improving interactions in the workplace. Participants will examine contributing factors and discover who is involved, explore six steps for DVS, and learn tips and techniques for improving the management of volatile situations.

  • Introduction
    • Session Goals
    • Defining Volatile Situations
    • Root Causes of Volatile Situations
  • Defusing Volatile Situations (DVS)
    • Who is Involved
    • Exploring Six Steps for DVS
    • Role-Modeling Solutions
  • Skills in Practice
    • Tips for Managing Volatile Situations
    • DVS Case Study
  • Session Summary and Closing Discussion


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