Customer Service and Appreciative Inquiry

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Customer Service

Improving The Customer Experience with Appreciative Inquiry

6.0 Hour Seminar


The customer experience originates with the culture of your organization. Many people and organizations fundamentally understand and value the concepts associated with delivering exceptional customer service but in practice they come up short. In addition, sometimes organizational policies and procedures limit or hinder the employees ability to protect the customer which has a direct impact on protecting the long-term position of the organization. 

When you consider implementing and creating a culture of seeing the customer experience through the lens of Appreciative Inquiry methodologies your organization can break free from outdated or well intended practices that might be limiting satisfaction with your customers. 

Course outline:

  • Introduction
    • Leading Thoughts on Customer Service
    • Customer Service and Appreciative Inquiry
    • Understanding Customer Expectations
  • Internal and External Customers
    • Recognizing Existence and Differences
    • Six Steps of Exceptional Service Habits
  • Listening and Feedback Skills
    • Listening Skills and Active Listening Role Play
    • Gaining More Information – Questioning Skills
  • Using Positive Language in Customer Service
    • Words and Reactions Mini-Workshop
    • “I” and “You” Messages
    • Constructive and Destructive Comments
  • Handling Anger
    • Anger Mini-Workshop
    • Customers and Anger
  • Body Language in Customer Service
    • Body Language Mini-Workshop
    • Five Body Language Expression to Avoid
  • Telephone Courtesy and Etiquette
    • Telephone Skills Video (11 minutes)
    • Internal and External Telephone Etiquette
    • Eight Phrases to Never Say
  • Moments of Truth
    • Customer Moments
    • Service Moments Mini-Workshop
  • Session Summary and Closing Discussion


To discuss or schedule this seminar please call +1 (646) 546-5553

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