Managing Multiple Priorities, Projects, and Deadlines

Managing multiple priorities

Appreciative strategies

Managing Multiple Priorities, Projects, and Deadlines

3.0 Hour Seminar

Are you feeling some schedule pressure or too many number one priorities?  Do you sometimes not know where to start? Do you feel that the pressure of your workload is affecting your ability to be productive in your workplace? This exciting one-half day workshop will help you improve your job performance by examining effective ways to assess your workload, choose the right priorities, and manage important deadlines.


  • Introduction
    • Leading Thoughts on Managing Priorities
    • Brainstorming “My Workload”
  • Managing Priorities Mini-Assessment
    • Partnered Discussion
    • Group Results
  • Analyzing Ten (10) Workload Trouble Spots
    • Managing Priorities Among Chaos Mini-Workshop
    • What is Critical – Prioritizing
    • Seven (7) Questions to Ask When Prioritizing
    • Prioritizing “My Workload”
  • Managing Multiple Projects
    • Five (5) Project Management Fundamentals
    • Assessing Needs
    • Planning and Implementation
    • Multiple Projects – Gantt Chart
    • Project Evaluation
  • Closing Discussion


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