Conflict Management

Appreciative strategies

Conflict Management

3.0 Hours

Conflict exists in all groups, cultures, and organizations. Conflict typically presents itself in a negative fashion but properly managed it may be healthy and even beneficial. This course helps participants gain a better understanding of conflict, why it exists, and how to manage it. Ideal for all members of any organization it will focus on prevention and resolution methods that make conflict management attainable for any group or organization.

  • Introduction and Session Goals
    • What is Conflict
    • Conflict Prevention or Resolution
  • Examining Conflict
    • Conflict Models and Group Dynamics
    • Conflict Styles
    • Good vs. Bad Conflict
    • Accusatory and Escalatory Language
    • Handling Anger and Anger Mini-Workshop
  • Preventing and Managing Conflict
    • Fundamental Attribution Error
    • Stereotypes and Behavior
    • Steps to Successful Conflict Resolution
    • Collaboration Skills Mini-Assessment
    • Being a Peacemaker
  • Closing Discussion and Goal Review




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