Scaling Down

scaling down

Scaling Down


Nearly every organization experiences trends up and down. Although many management team leaders do not like to openly discuss cut backs, reductions, or down sizing it is a legitimate leadership concern.

A few key questions that often need addressed are:

How do we achieve sales, revenue, or funding streams as we scale?

What is the appropriate physical brick and mortar size? 

What headcount do we need? 

How do we retain the best talent and manage attrition? 

How will we keep the team motivated, energized, and engaged? 

So often organizational expertise leads the organization to only explore the technical side of scaling down. In other words, here is the budget so lets chop some fat. Fair warning, this can be the beginning of the end.

Read about Scaling Side Effects here.

Scaling down needs to be a strategy, not an act of chopping.

Appreciative Strategies® is prepared to help you achieve the appropriate vision, strategy, and sustainable outcome design.




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