Working in Cross-Functional Teams

cross functional teams

Appreciative strategies

3.0 Hour Seminar

Perhaps nothing is more effective than the team. Except when there are communication challenges, hesitant decision making, or blurred lines of authority and responsibility. This workshop will bring together and build upon skills learned through the Working with Communication Styles workshop and expand into the challenges and successes associated with team effectiveness. Participants will engage through the use of the Team Effectiveness Profile and learn how to best interact and participate when working in high impact cross-functional teams.

  • Introduction
    • Leading Thoughts on New Economy Teams
    • What Makes Teams Effective?
  • Dynamics of Communication Style
    • Exploring Results of the Style Instrument
    • Interacting with Other Styles
  • Team Effectiveness Profile
    • TEP Assessment
    • Results and Insights
    • Next Steps for Building Teams
  • Improving Teamwork
    • Seven Tips for Improved Teamwork
  • Closing Discussion



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