Plant Floor Communications

plant floor communications

Appreciative strategies

Plant Floor Communications

3.0 Hour Seminar

This seminar will help employees communicate more effectively as team members, supervisors, and managers. Developing a better understanding of communication theory and examining different communication styles helps employees be more effective at building rapport and credibility, enhances their listening skills, and improves their interactions with other employees.

  • Introduction
    • 5 Communication Relationships
    • Creating Positive First Impressions
    • Examining Positive and Negative Attributes
  • Listening and Feedback Skills
    • Listening Skills and Active Listening Role Play
    • Constructive Feedback Guidelines
    • Feedback Mini-Workshop
  • Using Positive Language
    • “I” and “You” Messages
    • Constructive and Destructive Comments
    • Aggressiveness vs. Assertiveness
  • Communication and Problem Solving
  • Closing Discussion – Goal Review



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