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Coaching – different from consulting and training – is an on-going professional relationship with a focus on helping the individual improve their workplace performance, career, and in some cases the business or organization as a whole. Coaching serves to accelerate and individualize the experience with a distinct focus on evaluating where the coached person is today, and what they are willing to do to get to where they want to be in the future.

Similar to consulting and training services provided by Appreciative Strategies® the coached person is never told what to do, instead the coach helps the individual discover what they want to achieve and how they wish to achieve it. In addition, the coach helps to hold the individual responsible and accountable for their own individual strategies and solutions for improvement.

Some common areas addressed by coaching:

Executive (Leaders, top decision makers, improving organizational performance, goals, communication, presence, behavioral insight)

Leadership (Transitioning Supervisors, Managers, Leaders, new assignments, increased direct reports)

Succession (Filling gaps, integrating into a new role, new competencies and requirements)

Small Business (Building, growing, and developing a small business. Strategy. Employee management)

Conflict (Personal and professional conflicts, job performance and evaluations, bullying and mobbing)

Small Groups (Project management, effective communication, decision making and problem solving)

Life or Career (Where are you at? Where do you want to go? What is most important?)

Effective coaching programs can save you many months, perhaps even years of wasted effort. Not only does that improve the best use of your time and effort but it also reduces costs. Make the investment, start today!

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