Leadership Engagement

Leadership Engagement

Appreciative strategies

Leadership Engagement

How Leaders Can Build Purpose, Inspire Teams, and Create Results!

6.0 Hours

Leading people and teams requires more than just basic supervisory or managerial skills. Creating an atmosphere that builds purpose, inspires teams, and creates results is essential for today’s workplace leader. This seminar provides in depth exploration of 10 principles that drive employee engagement.

Depending on the industry, sector, and employee demographics finding the right motivational charge can sometimes be challenging. Adding to the challenge are differences in leading during times of growth versus decline, the amount of tenure a leader may have with the team, and even core organizational values such as the difference between for-profit and non-profit organizations.

Appropriate for those who desire to create an inspirational and engaged environment regardless of sector, team size, or reporting structures participants will develop a fresh perspective that allows them to lead, engage, and motivate with confidence.

  • Introduction
    • Defining Leadership Engagement
    • Challenges of Engagement
  • Motivation and Purpose
    • Intrinsic vs. Extrinsic
    • Motivation and Generations
    • Fear or Inspiration
    • Building Purpose
  • Creating Engagement
    • 10 Principles
    • Going Deeper – 10 Principles Explored
    • Activities, Assessment
  • Implementing Action
    • 6 Steps for Inspiring Change
    • Getting Started
  • Closing Discussion


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