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Thrill of Success

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Every year millions of people visit amusement parks, some of them small home town carnivals and others gigantic theme parks such as Disney World. It is only a guess how many of those visitors visit for the rides, you know, the true thrill seekers. They may enjoy the food, the theme, or the atmosphere, but what they are really looking for is the thrill.


They aren’t really interested in the comfort of the ride; they want to experience firsthand the heart pounding, white knuckled, high speed scare. They don’t really care about the energy spent to make the ride work; they probably aren’t that sensitive to the price that they pay. What they really want to know is, “how fast will this ride go?” or perhaps, “how scary is it to go that high or twist upside down?” They don’t have a death wish, they have a thrill wish.

Organizations and people that are on the move, that are forward, progressive thinkers have a similar outlook. They know there are costs involved to get what they want, it’s a price they are willing to pay. They aren’t that into a normal ride, they don’t want the Crazy Dazy Tea Cups; they want the Talocan in Germany, or the Top-Thrill Dragster in Ohio, USA.

They don’t just want to get there. They want to enjoy the ride. They know change is scary but that is what makes the reward so enjoyable. The Crazy Dazy Tea Cups aren’t going to create the result they seek. They want to push the envelope, and by the way, that is kind of fun.

They will find their success, not because they have a death wish, but because they have a thrill wish.


Photo Credit: Andrela Bohner

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