Good Fight

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Good Fight

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The referee makes a terrible call punishing your favorite team. Your car gets pummeled by a run away shopping cart in a downhill parking lot. You get a traffic ticket and you weren’t the only one speeding.


The promotion you were waiting for was given to someone who you believe is less qualified. Your best client chose a different vendor after years of honorable service. You lose your job because the company was bought by a larger organization and they are moving the entire operation to another state.

We often want to fight for what is right or what we feel is fair. For many, we learned as children to scream about what appears unfair and a resolution will appear. We believe that fighting hard and demanding justice will somehow alter the end result. Unfortunately many things that we spend energy fighting for, will not change the outcome.

What if you took a different approach? What if you focused on the next play in the game, concentrated on the car repair and moved on, or paid the speeding ticket and didn’t dwell on it? What if you looked to a different department or company where your skills are more valued or turned your second or third best client into twice what your former best was? What if your next job paid more, with more benefits, and is work you absolutely love?

What if you use your energy exclusively on thoughts, activities, and actions that move you forward, not leave you fighting for a past that is better left behind? 

Why fight yesterday’s fight? The good fight is in front of you.


Dennis Gilbert is a keynote speaker, corporate trainer, and consultant that specializes in helping businesses accelerate their leadership, their team, and their success. Reach him through his website at or by calling +1 646.546.5553.

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