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Know Everything

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Christopher Columbus didn’t know everything, but he was prepared. Perhaps to his crew, he knew everything. When you prepare for a client meeting, a discussion with your boss, or to deliver a presentation it is important to focus on what you believe you will need to know and although you don’t know everything, properly prepared for that moment—you’ll know everything.


Analogies often help us create a clearer picture.

New York City is a big place. The city can be intimidating to visitors and even some seasoned pros. Since the late 1980’s I have traveled to the city upon occasion and in the past 8 years much more. Recently I took the plunge on some shared office space. I’ve had two occasions to flex my metro muscle with clients, and both times, I prepared. I knew when I was driving, walking (in NYC this is a mild sprint), and entertaining. I knew where, how, and I knew what. I certainly don’t know everything about this big city, not even close, but for those moments, I knew everything.

Often the more you learn, the more you realize that you don’t know everything, but when it comes to your professional performance you have to be prepared.

Be prepared to know everything.


Photo Credit: Bob Hall (Replica of the Santa Maria)

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