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Job Perspective and Chances

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Does anyone really love what they do? The answer of course is, yes.

What about you?

Some people love what they do, but it isn’t their job. Others take pride in their work but they would never do it if it wasn’t for their paycheck. Still others insist that they could never do anything else. And still others just do what they have always done.

Maybe it is all about perspective. When you work from the belief that your only purpose for work is for pay, chances are you’ll love what you don’t do, what someone else does, or anything other than what you’re doing. When you are paid for what you love, chances are great that you’ll also love what you do.

Funny how things change sometimes, the person who encounters an unexpected job loss, debilitating injury, or sickness, would love to do the work that makes so many unhappy. Chances are—someone else loves your job, why not you?

Maybe it is all about perspective.


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