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Acceleration and Mistakes

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If you’re moving fast chances are good you’re making some mistakes. The question then becomes, does your speed gain you enough ground to make up for the errors?


It seems nearly everyone is concerned about time, concerned about pace, speed, shortcuts, slow pokes, traffic jams, age, and when they’ll finish whatever it is that they have started. The meaning of success is in our individual ideology; success is different for everyone, but what about time?  When you measure time it is the same for everyone, when you measure accomplishments it is different for everyone.

Success then, across a continuum of time is based on productivity, efficiency, and results. If you apply that logic it would seem that it is not about time, but it is about the quality of your use. Mistakes are valued by learners, learners take steps to improve, and quality ultimately comes from learning from your mistakes.

The best news may not always be the easiest. If life seems too short, or you’re spending too much time worrying about your mistakes, it probably means you’re just not going fast enough. 


Photo Credit: Matt Lemmon

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