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Good Ideas

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Just because we do it, doesn’t always mean it is a good idea. Think about the last food or drink you put into your body, the last purchase you made with your hard earned money, the last book you read, the last television program you watched, or the last time you drove your car. Was that activity a good idea?


Just because you have the desire, the will, or the money to do it doesn’t always mean that it is a good idea. In business it is often said that good ideas sell themselves and that money follows good ideas. Could it be that having the resource generates a following regardless of whether it is a good idea?

Just because it was once a good idea doesn’t mean that it is still a good idea. Ask the person at the video rental store, your milkman, or the operator when you dial zero.

Just because you are doing it doesn’t mean it is a good idea and just because you have the resources doesn’t mean you’ll create (or maintain) a following. Evaluate your actions, ask tough questions, think forward, and make sure it is a good idea.

Why? just because—it’s a good idea.


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