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Customer Service Culture not a Department

3.0 Hour Seminar

Coming to Williamsport, Pennsylvania on June 7, 2017!


Chances are good your mission statement has something reflecting the importance of the customer. Does your business have a customer service culture or does it have a customer service department?

Appreciative Strategies Customer Service Culture

When you develop a culture of customer service instead of [only] a department you get employees who:

  • are fast and effective at solving customer problems
  • respond appropriately with courtesy and respect
  • place value on the customer experience not on quick fixes
  • recognize lifetime value and are devoted to maintaining relationships
  • deliver customer experiences that compel customers to refer your business
  • And so much more…

The customer experience begins within the culture of your organization. Teams that understand and value both internal and external customer service will always be more effective at demonstrating these values to the external customer. After all, when your employee teams focus on the customer experience there simply isn’t much room for drama, poor attitudes, or lackadaisical approaches to products, services, sales and support. 


Appreciative Strategies Customer Service Culture


During this seminar participants will consider the aspects of creating a culture of customer service by examining foundational skills and how to apply them. There will be a specific emphasis on the concept of each individual improving their customer service skills and the workshop will close with an activity that reinforces the development of these skills as a cultural practice. 

Seminar Outline:

  • Introduction
    • Creating a Customer Service Culture
    • Understanding Customer Expectations
  • Positive First Impressions
    • First Impression Attributes
    • Circle of Influence Mini-Workshop
  • Internal and External Customers
    • Recognizing Existence and Differences
  • Exceptional Service Habits
    • Greetings and Customer Needs
    • Meeting Customer Needs
    • Making the Moment Memorable
    • Checking Results and Leaving the Door Open
    • Customer Service Culture Mini-Workshop
  • Closing Discussion


These skills are relevant for both internal and external customer service. If you are committed to exceptional customer service it is time to make your efforts about culture and not just about a department.

Read more about customer service culture.

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Who this program is for:

Employees at all levels, front line staff, back office support, customer support, technical support, team leaders, and all levels of sales and supporting departments.

It is also critically important for supervisors, managers, and business owners who want more emphasis on a building a customer service culture!

Each participant will receive:

  • A half day of high quality instruction by national level corporate trainer, Dennis E. Gilbert
  • Course materials, including a high quality workbook which will serve as a reference guide for on-going development
  • Certificate of completion

This dynamic half-day program which is often only offered for private on-site delivery is now available for public registration in Williamsport, Pennsylvania on Wednesday, June 7, 2017. This seminar is being held at the Hampton Inn, 140 Via Bella, Williamsport, next to Perkins Restaurant.



Wednesday, June 7, 2017 – Hampton Inn, 140 Via Bella, Williamsport, PA 17701 (Next to Perkins Restaurant)

8:30 AM Sign In, 9:00 AM Start, Finish at 12 Noon



The cost for this seminar is $165.00 per person. You can pay via PayPal (or Debit/Credit Card) below or you can contact Appreciative Strategies directly to pay by telephone or by invoice. 


Registration is now open. Seating is limited. 



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