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Managers Toolbox Event

6.0 Hour Seminar

Coming to Williamsport, Pennsylvania on October 2, 2018!


Today being a supervisor, manager, or even the CEO requires cultural development skills. These skills are necessary to turn a good department or organization into a great one. It often starts with habits and best practices that are executed across time. Many of these observed best practices are also adopted by others since many management team members are either knowingly or unknowingly serving as role models. 

This Managers Tool Box Event incorporates the best of the best content from several popular leadership development programs. These otherwise half-day programs have been diced up and chopped down to two hours of only the absolute most relevant content. Then they are meticulously woven into a single full-day event. Three half-day workshops, condensed to two-hour segments each, provided in a single day event. 

This one day program will include:

Coaching Your Staff For Performance Excellence

Professional Productivity, Getting The Most From Your Time

Becoming a Better Delegator

Attending this seminar will give you:

  • Access to skill requirements and best practices for being a better coach
  • An understanding of the difference between mentor and coach and which methods to apply
  • Tips and techniques for being more productive, including better ways to analyze your efforts
  • Navigation tips for managing activities and projects in an environment where everything is critical
  • Proven methods for studying the most effective use of your time
  • Utilizing leveraging techniques that empower employees saving you time, resources, and your sanity
  • Delegation techniques that reduce anxiety, inspire trust, and eliminate the feeling of micromanagement
  • And much more…

Attending all three of these seminars separately would cost nearly $600 dollars. Now the content has been filtered and the fluff deleted providing you only the best content in appropriately paced one day event.

Who is this for? 

This dynamic one day seminar is appropriate for everyone wanting to add to their leadership toolbox. Those who benefit the most are persons in a leadership or influence capacity with tight schedules, staff shortages, and trying to balance cross-functional or matrix management teams.

All workplace leaders can benefit from these critical cultural development skills.

The habits and professional presence of leaders are often looked upon and replicated by developing team members. Which makes mastering these skills even more important. 

All business sectors – from manufacturing, to banking, to healthcare, non-profit, for-profit and anywhere leaders serve as the inspiration and pulse for organizational success. Everywhere!


Each participant will receive: 
  • A full day of high quality instruction by national level corporate trainer, Dennis E. Gilbert, CSP
  • Course materials, including a Managers Toolbox workbook, professionally packaged in a 3-ring binder
  • All necessary seminar materials and supplies
  • Certificate of completion



This dynamic one-day program is now available for public registration

in Williamsport, Pennsylvania!



Tuesday, October 2, 2018Genetti Hotel, 200 West 4th Street, Williamsport, PA, 17701 (Morning refreshments and lunch provided.) 

8:30 AM Sign In, 9:00 AM Start, Finish at 4 PM



Buy a single ticket below, or you can contact Appreciative Strategies to buy multiple tickets, to pay by telephone, or to pay by company check.

Registration is now open. Seating is limited. 




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