What is leadership?

Leadership may have many different definitions. In the workplace the term leadership might be used to represent those in supervisory roles, management roles, or to identify the highest ranking positions in the organization. These are all important but in the workplace leadership attitudes are important everywhere. Leadership is not just for a few positions at or near the top of the organization chart. Leadership is not just for those who hold a formal leadership position such as those with direct reports. The culture of leadership and having a leadership approach at all levels of the organization is more critical now, than perhaps at any other time in modern history. 

Leadership now.

Organizations need strong leadership. They need it at the top, on the front line, and spread horizontally throughout all organizational layers. A service driven economy has forced all organizations to become customer centric both internally and externally. Complicating workplace cultures is the presence of five generations now active in the workforce. Your organization needs strong leadership now. 

Making a difference.

Effective training and development programs and coaching services will create a significant boost to your organizational culture. Organizations that ignore this development believing that people will grow into positions, change when they are ready, or believe that their organization is different, doing okay, or really do not require leadership development at this time will get left behind. 


Dennis Gilbert

Dennis has a career spanning more than 30 years. He spent more than 10 years in a technology business in both middle management positions as well as being the top executive for a $35 million business unit. He also spent more than 6 years in academia as a director of non-credit and continuing education. Today after spending 11+ years owning and operating a successful consulting and training practice and working with 100’s of different clients across nearly every business and industrial sector he can help your organization improve its culture, develop teams, and most importantly, grow revenues and profit. 


Leadership Training

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