You need change now. 

If you want to get everyone’s attention start talking about change. Change tends to make everyone feel a little uneasy, nervous, and perhaps even afraid. However, in a world of constant change, the riskiest place to be may be stuck in a position of the status quo. Everything is moving very fast, putting tremendous pressure on organizations to find new ways of increasing productivity, efficiencies, and drive growth. External forces may include economic conditions, government regulations, and of course, competition. 

A popular change related buzz word is, disruption. Many organizations are asking themselves, “What are we doing to disrupt the status quo?” If this sounds strange, perhaps it shouldn’t, because staying the same is not an option. 


Communication, buy-in, and engagement are all connected to people resources and they typically don’t just fall into place magically. It requires a great plan, the proper training, and effective management to lead teams through change. Appreciative Strategies® consultation, training, and coaching systems can help your team or entire organization effectively process change. 



Dennis Gilbert

Dennis has spent more than 30 years helping organizations grow and change. As a change agent he has helped organizations move through technology transformations, challenging economic conditions, and organizational restructuring. 

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