Building Communication Awareness and Trust

App Strat Communication Awareness Trust

Building Communication Awareness and Trust

Seminar / Workshop
3.0 Hours

This seminar will help individuals recognize the most important tactics for strengthening communication awareness and trust within workplace teams. Participants will consider factors that influence their communication, the technical process of communication, dialogue, self-talk, listening, and more.

Trust is directly linked to the effectiveness of our communication and participants will examine essential factors that create trust, warning signs of low-trust, and how trust can be restored.

Appropriate for nearly all organizational levels and will provide the most benefit to anyone responsible for leading, managing, and working in cross-functional teams.

Course outline:

  • Introduction
    • Communication in the Workplace
    • What is Workplace Communication
  • Workplace Communication
    • Six Factors and Communication Process
    • Dialogue, Self-Talk, and Listening
    • Message Management and Preferences
  • Trust in Teams
    • Trust for People and Organizations
    • 3 C’s of Trust, Trust Assessment
    • Warning Signs, Productivity, and Restoring
  • Closing Discussion

For additional information or to schedule this seminar please call +1 (646) 546-5553.



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