Aspiring Leader – Short Version

Aspiring Leader Short Version

Appreciative strategies

Aspiring Leader – Short Version

3.0 Hour Seminar

This special short version of the Aspiring Leader seminar will bring leading thoughts to emerging and aspiring leaders. Ideal for preparing or positioning employees for future supervisory positions or those relatively new to supervisory roles, participants will explore tough supervisory topics such as what it means to be a leader, managing change, workplace motivation, and the importance of facts vs. opinions in supervisory roles.

Course Outline:

  • Leadership Primer
    • Exploring leadership qualities
    • Leadership myths and facts
    • Leadership and mission
    • What is leadership
  • Managing and Leading Change
    • Exploring and leading change
    • Change and transition
    • Handling emotions during change
  • Motivation and Team Building
    • Sources of motivation
    • Reducing absenteeism and turn over
    • Building team visibility and moral
    • Building high-performance
  • Determining Fact vs. Opinion
    • Skill building activity
  • Closing – Q&A


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