You’re Talented!

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You’re Talented!

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People often work very hard to develop their talent. What is sometimes surprising is that people work even harder to develop their weaknesses. The same is true for businesses.


Spending time and energy on fixing weaknesses has both merit and value. Becoming entirely focused on fixing weaknesses, as compared to developing talent is probably the wrong move.

For example, if the coach of the football team recognizes that the quarterback can throw very well (talent) but isn’t heavy enough to push around opposing players on the line or block and tackle effectively, what should the coach do? Work with the quarterback to gain some weight and practice maneuvers to become a better blocker? No. Here the focus should not be on fixing the weakness; it should be on developing the talent.

The same is true for businesses. So often they become very active in pursuing the fixing of weaknesses, a good thing, right? Yes, until their focus becomes entirely committed to the weakness, when as a result, they start to sacrifice their talent to only become mediocre in the areas where they are weak.

So the key word becomes focus. You can focus on growing talent, but you should never focus on fixing weaknesses.

Make efforts to improve your weaknesses, but never lose focus of your talent.


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Mike Shober

March 25, 2014at 1:45 pm

Hmmmm. Very interesting and thought-provoking.


    March 25, 2014at 2:17 pm

    I believe too many people and businesses slowly develop the habit of focusing only on weaknesses. Ultimately sacrificing their true talent. Thanks for your comment Mike!

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