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Win, Happiness, and Wealth

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There seems to be a correlation in many minds that winning equates to happiness. That happiness only exists if you win, that you must win at all costs, and that wealth is winning.


If you’re working towards a win at all costs, then the temptation to alter the goal, take unusually high risks, or worse, engage in unethical conduct to further support your obsession with the win; may lead you to a path you didn’t think you would choose. But you did, or perhaps, you will.

You may feel like you don’t want to do it personally, but your boss, your neighbor or your judgmental mother-in-law is ready to remind you of your position in life, wealth, and assumed happiness. This creates pressure for action.

Winning is great, but it isn’t always about the win. More real estate, faster cars, and bigger investments don’t necessarily lead to more happiness. Winning at all costs bears a price tag that most shouldn’t be interested in paying. The price may be too high when happiness is confused with wealth and wealth is confused with winning.

Measure for happiness and not the win, measure against past performance first, bench-mark data second. Focus on why you do it, not what you get paid. Focus on the people who benefit from the product, good, or service.

The win exists at happiness, not necessarily luxury, money, or what someone else defines.   


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