Spending Smart

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Spending Smart

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It seems reasonable that all businesses spend money on marketing and advertising efforts. People too, they spend their energy and resources on networking, relationship building, and future positioning.


Some businesses will just throw money at a problem; throw money at building their brand, or at marketing and advertising efforts. It doesn’t mean they are any smarter or better than businesses who spend less, it means that they earn enough through their endeavors or through investment to spend like crazy trying to make up for other shortcomings. Many believe the old idiom, “You’ve got to spend money, to make money.” Perhaps there is some truth to that statement.

People sometimes follow a similar pattern. Sometimes they spend with money, sometimes with only resources or their individual energy. People may pursue building relationships, monitoring who they hang out with, and even how they spend their leisure time. All in an effort to build relationships or an image that they believe will get results. Many believe the old idiom, “It’s not what you do, it’s who you know.”  Is that the truth? Perhaps but is it smart spending?

Both businesses and people spend. It’s not about how much they spend. They don’t necessarily need to spend big—they need to spend smart!


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