Small Failures

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Small Failures

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What costs more, failure or inaction? Too often risk is measured by the calculated cost of failure, a mind-set that inevitably causes people, employees, and businesses to freeze up, hold, or at the bare minimum hesitate.


The objective shouldn’t be about measuring the cost of failure. The cost of failure is most likely small, that is, when it is compared with the cost of inaction. Listen carefully in your next meeting or in a one-on-one with your frustrated friend. Someone will offer the risks, the costs of failure, and make the case for why taking no action at all will cost the least.

You can change this mind-set, but you have to think small to create big. The cost of failure is small, the reward for being first, unique, or innovative is big. Most people or businesses can’t do this, which is why the percentage of change, success, and growth stays small.

Small. Failures.


Dennis E. Gilbert is a keynote speaker, corporate trainer, and consultant that specializes in helping businesses accelerate their leadership, their team, and their success. Reach him through his website at or by calling +1 646.546.5553.

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