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Late December is a time of year that many start to consider a New Year resolution. What people are really looking for is a fresh start, a do-over, or an opportunity to make things right. Most people start with a plan, which is a good choice, but what leads them astray is not their plan, but their future choices.


What is sometimes obvious to others seems least obvious to those embedded in the plan. Often cited is the standard escape of, “I didn’t have a choice.” When in reality it was the only choice they chose to see. Consciously or not, it was a choice. Typically, it is the choice that required the least action, felt less risky, or had the least amount of push back.

Many New Year resolutions fail not because of a lack of a plan, but because of a plan that lacks good action.

Your next year is all about your choices.



Photo Credit: Quinn Dombrowski

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