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The past 150 years tells us there has been a lot of change, the past month or day may not be so obvious. Many would agree we need change, but many would argue about what change is needed. Still others may argue they like things exactly as they are, and no change is necessary.


The irony of a world of change is this. When you tell yourself you should change your way of thinking, get rid of bad habits, lose weight, eat healthy, get fit, have goals, continue to improve, or simply learn something new; you may discover that things haven’t changed that much at all.

Sometimes we feel that we have been around the block, across the highway, and down the road, but find ourselves right back to where we started. We do it to ourselves and often we do it without intent.

If you’re going to change something, make sure what you show for your efforts is not going to be a rerun.


Photo Credit: Casa Velas Hotel

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