Overcommitted, Undervalued

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Overcommitted, Undervalued

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What many people really want is a commitment. What they expect is what you promised. When you try to express your value by showing your overwhelming commitment the best thing that can happen is that you prove your worth, the sometimes thing to happen is you prove you were overcommitted. The result of over-commitment is that you may be undervalued.

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The overcommitted administrative assistant, supervisor, or emerging executive doesn’t show value, they show incompetence. Ouch! At least, that may be the perception held by others, since their expectation was not met.


An overflowing bucket lacks value; the perception is that a bigger bucket is necessary. A bucket half full lacks value, it is not being utilized or has too much waste, and an empty bucket is likely the worst of all. A bucket filled just right, the one carrying the most without any waste, not too big, not too small, and delivering exactly as promised is the most valued bucket of all.


Commit to doing too much while accomplishing less and you are undervalued.

Commit just right.


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