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Make a List

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What is on your list? Many people make lists to manage their to-do’s. Some make lists to figure out the best choices and direction for their life, and others sometimes make lists for shopping, and still others make lists for their spouse or significant other.


Right now if you made a list of obstacles you’ve overcome, hurdles you’ve jumped, and challenges you’ve conquered, what would be on that list? Optionally you could make a list of the times you messed up, came up short, or roadblocks slowed or halted your progress. If you had two lists, one of successes and one of shortcomings, how would these lists be different? Which list is longer? Does it matter?

What may matter the most is making the best use of your energy. If you had the time and energy for only one list, which list would you make? 

Make a list. Make it of your success!


Photo Credit: Stacy Spensley

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