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Legacy is a bold word. People sometimes don’t see or believe that each and every person has the opportunity to build some kind of legacy. It may seem small or insignificant, or it may seem larger than life. When you consider legacy, size doesn’t matter—does it?

Sure, being one the richest people on the planet, the President of a country, or a medical researcher who discovers a valuable cure may enable a rather notable legacy; but even ordinary people build them. There is that all important teacher you had in high school, that friend of a friend who created something special, there are aunts, uncles, mom’s and dad’s. We can go on, co-workers, a boss, you name it. People have the opportunity to build a legacy; but perhaps only when they choose to.

A legacy is handed down. It is a gift, a rite of passage. It can be knowledge, wisdom, or even something material, but it happens most when you make a conscious choice to build one.

What legacy are you building—or am I asking the wrong person?


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