Do You Know How To Write a Great Win List?

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Do You Know How To Write a Great Win List?

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Friends are often priceless. Sometimes they are cheap too, but that is a different story. A good friend suggested to me that I’ve written about why, but I failed to tell how to write a great win list.

Impact Matters Most

Writing a win list may be quite different from person-to-person. Some of it really depends on how you absorb information. You must consider what is most impactful for your own learning and the degree to which you are stimulated by factors in your environment.

Some people take in the information and reflect on what it means by writing it down. They take notes, and it stimulates storage, a memory, some reflection. Others may claim they learn by watching, reading, or even just listening.

This is important for how you’ll create your win list. The idea is stimulation, a reminder of moments you are successful, and perhaps an avoidance of reliving negativity.

Great Win List

Here are some ways to consider the how:

  1. Journal. You can keep a journal of wins. A tablet, a spiral bound notebook, or even a leather or hardbound book type journal.
  2. Digital Document. You can place lists of your wins in a digital document. This could be on your personal computing device, cellular phone, or tablet device. You could even record your voice or create a video.
  3. Whiteboard. A white board is a nice place for collective wins. A department or a team may need a reminder from time to time about what to focus on. A white board win list is a nice community engagement tool.
  4. Easel Pad. In my office, I’ve used a Post-It easel pad sheet. I write down wins or messages that are positively impactful and stick it on my bookcase. I change it or remove it as necessary.
  5. Speak About It. While this isn’t necessarily the written word you can ask your colleagues, “What was your win today?” Often, we choose to talk about what went wrong but a win list is the opportunity to discuss what went right.

What is most important about your win list is that it can serve as a positive reminder. It should be the place you go to look when you are feeling off track, discouraged, or disappointed. The win list is a tool in your arsenal for confidence and positivity.

Do you want to know more about why a win list is valuable?

What Goes on The List?

Anything that could be considered a win or that sparks positivity.

Did you have a goal for the day or week? Did you improve, come closer, or gain some ground? Perhaps you hit it!

Has someone mentioned something positive to you, thanked you, or expressed gratitude? Did you make a difference for someone else?

Sometimes we can turn things around. Perhaps you didn’t close the sale, but you did achieve two new inquiries. Or, perhaps you learned how to improve on your next proposal.

It’s your list, writing it, reading it, seeing it, feeling it, recording it, all these matter for impact.

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Dennis E. Gilbert is a business consultant, speaker (CSPTM), and corporate trainer. He is a five-time author and the founder of Appreciative Strategies, LLC. His business focuses on positive human performance improvement solutions through Appreciative Strategies®. Reach him through his website at or by calling +1 646.546.5553.

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Dennis Gilbert

October 23, 2018at 10:19 am

Excellent! Glad I was able to address some of those questions. Thank you for the feedback you provided and it easily inspired this short article/post.

A Friend

October 23, 2018at 8:57 am

Brilliant! Well Done!

Answered questions that were rumbling about in my mind.

I’m a HOW person. I’d say deep within we all are. Tell us HOW and you’ll help us make life so much easier 🙂

Happy Day!

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