Good Intentions

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Good Intentions

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We seem to believe that good intentions mean something. I thought about trying to improve, but I didn’t take any action. I thought about calling the customer to offer the special but then I got busy with email. I thought about changing my diet, but then I thought it really doesn’t matter that much anyway.


Good intentions, while a noble gesture, are really just that, a gesture. They seldom produce any results on their own. It gives people something to talk about, it allows them to feel like they have given effort, but in reality, they have given very little.

Three things are important for people with good intentions:

  1. It means they have considered a plan, but now it is time to get started
  2. They have to start someplace, most start small, or at the bottom and work up
  3. Once started, it is a plan in-action and no longer just an intention.

Right now, if you are thinking—is this me? Then you already have the answer. If you ask the question, you’re likely in the company of good intentions. Break the mold; break the habit, break-free of limitations. Today is the day you take action, don’t just think about it, and make your next move—intentional!


Photo Credit: Andy Melton

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