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What challenges us is usually something different. Something we haven’t tried before or haven’t tried in a while. It may be something we don’t do often, something we avoid, or simply don’t like doing.


This is true for many people who write a business letter, give a presentation, or are forced into a new job. It’s different and some elements of the potential outcomes make us afraid. It really isn’t all that hard, it is the fear of failing. It is the improper grammar, the forgetting what to say, the size of the audience, and the one thing we thought we would never have to do.

What is really true for most people is that they simply have not practiced. They haven’t written enough business letters, or at least not recently. They haven’t talked to an audience that big or that level of importance, and that new job, once you do it, it really isn’t that much different.

After all, we are adaptable, flexible, and smart.

Practice is what will change your comfort level. Write yourself a note, speak to the mirror first, then to your pet, and work up from there. Dig into the new job, use your energy to focus and create the expected outcomes. Practice getting it right.

It’s not about different, it is about practice. Some people call that experience.

Get some.


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