Genuine is Smart

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Genuine is Smart

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Genuine sells. People know when they are getting something genuine, not because someone says it is so, or because the marketing, literature, or propaganda say it is so. We have genuine parts, genuine draft [beer], and genuine authentic foods, but it doesn’t matter what they say, it matters when you know.


We are a product of our life experiences; buy, sell, trade, feedback, opportunities, success, and failures. Active people are interpreting data, analyzing feedback, and considering observations from others actions and behaviors. They learn, or they don’t.

It is the person who over does it, under does it, speaks nonsense, repetitively acts foolish, or uses others ideas as their own brand. They stand out, but not because they are great, because they are obvious.

Genuine is part of character, part of trust, and part of your success. Just like in marketing and advertising, you can have a good idea and spend too little, or a bad idea and spend too much. The idea that works and supports your mission is what you constantly seek. You strive for it because it is real, it is genuine.

Some will always want genuine, some are satisfied with a knock-off. When it comes to people, products, and services, genuine sells, genuine is smart.

Be genuine.


Photo Credit: Mark Morgan

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